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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Specialist

Dennis L. Streeter, D.O., F.A.A.O.S -  - General Surgeon

Dennis L. Streeter, D.O., F.A.A.O.S

General Surgeon & BioTE Certified Provider located in Merrillville, IN

Mood swings, exhaustion, weight gain, and low libido are just some of the many consequences of reproductive hormonal imbalance, one of the most common problems faced by aging adults. Whether you’re going through menopause or you suspect your testosterone levels have taken a dive, Dr. Dennis Streeter in Merrillville, Indiana, can help. He offers customized hormone replacement therapy (HRT) using advanced bioidentical hormones to men and women in the greater northwestern Indiana region. To learn more, call or book your appointment online today.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Q & A

What is hormone replacement therapy?

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a natural treatment designed to counteract the symptomatic effects brought on by reproductive hormone imbalances. HRT is available in the form of a pill, skin patch, gel, cream, spray, or implantation pellet.

By giving your body a personalized supplement of the hormones it lacks, HRT can help you successfully navigate common age-related changes.


How can HRT benefit women?

For women, HRT usually involves a customized prescription for estrogen and progesterone designed to help alleviate specific symptoms related to menopause. Menopausal women who use HRT can find relief from a wide range of symptoms, including:

  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Weight gain and slowed metabolism
  • Mood changes and sleep problems
  • Vaginal dryness and discomfort during sex
  • Dry skin and thinning hair


How can HRT benefit men?

For men, HRT means taking a testosterone supplement. Testosterone HRT can help aging men boost their metabolism and become more energized. Men who take testosterone may experience the following benefits:

  • Improved body mass index (BMI)
  • Increased lean muscle mass
  • Improved mood and energy levels
  • Increased sex drive
  • Improved erectile function  


What are bioidentical hormones?

Dr. Streeter is proud to offer bioidentical hormones. Derived from natural plant sources, bioidentical hormones are structurally identical to your own natural hormones, which allows them to function optimally inside your body.  

Bioidentical hormones are safer and more effective than the synthetic hormones used in conventional HRT. Synthetic hormones, which are structurally different from your natural hormones, are more likely to cause unwanted side effects.


What are hormone pellets?

Hormone pellets are an advanced form of HRT that involves implanting a tiny cylinder of bioidentical hormones under your skin. Once the pellet is put in place, it continuously releases small doses of hormones.

Unlike hormone creams, gels, sprays, and patches, hormone pellets are designed to deliver consistently and keep your blood hormone levels stable.

Hormone pellet implantation is a quick in-office procedure that involves local anesthetic and a small incision, either in your lower abdomen or upper buttock. After the pellet is placed under the fatty lining of your skin, the incision is closed with surgical glue or sterile-tape strips.

Some patients begin to experience symptom relief within a couple of days, while others don’t feel substantial relief for a week or two. Hormone pellets typically last for 3-5 months before they need to be replaced.

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