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Post-Operative Questions: Vasectomy Reversal Surgery


Q: Will I have visible stitches after the surgery?
Yes, however, the stitches will dissolve within about 28 days of surgery.


Q: How long will I be off work?
Most men are able to return to regular activities in 24 hours wearing an athletic supporter for 2 weeks.


Q: When can I resume sexual activity?
 Usually within 10 days post vasectomy reversal and comfort level has improved.


Q: How long should I expect the local anesthesia to last?
 Local anesthesia should last approximately 6-8 hours after injection.


Q: What medicine do I need to take?
We usually give a broad spectrum antibiotic, vitamin E, an analgesic for pain, and an anti-inflammatory agent (ibuprofen).


Q: How do I prevent bleeding? How do I recognize it if it happens?
A significant bleed will be within the first one to two hours of surgery, presenting with a large, tender scrotum. This can be prevented by placing an ice bag on the surgical site for four hours immediately following the surgery and wearing the athletic supporter. Please document on the information form if you are taking a blood thinner or aspirin daily.


Q: How long should I stay within the area prior to returning home?
 Expect to stay 2 hours within the area and if flying home, it is recommended to wait until six hours after the procedure.

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