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Frequently Asked Questions: Vasectomy Reversal


Q: Who is a candidate?
 Vasectomy reversals have been performed on a variety of male patients. Age groups range from 19 years of age to 60 years of age. Males, who have had extensive testicular surgery, may not be a candidate. Submission of vasectomy report is helpful in determining the ability to perform vasectomy reversal surgery.

Q: Are you able to visualize sperm during the surgery?
 Yes. Sperm can be visualized at the time of surgery.

Q: How much time should I wait to check a sperm count if pregnancy has not occurred?
 It takes approximately 1 month for sperm to move its way up the vas deferens. If partner is not pregnant in 6 months, you will need to check a sperm count.

Q: How long does the vasectomy reversal surgery generally take?
The surgical procedure takes less than one hour.

Q: Is this surgical procedure done in the hospital setting or clinic?
 The vasectomy reversal procedure is performed in the office surgical setting.

Q: What are the risks of surgery?
 Reaction to local anesthesia, bleeding at surgical site, infection. (Same as the previous vasectomy surgery.)

Q: How should I prepare just prior to the surgery?
 It is suggested to be fasting at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled time of surgery.
You can prepare the surgical area by shaving the scrotum at the base of the penis to 1/3 of the scrotum prior to the procedure. It is suggested to wear loose fitting clothing and to have an athletic supporter and ice bag ready for after the procedure.

Q: When can I expect to be scheduled for surgery?
 Once the information online form is reviewed by Dr. Streeter and operative report (if attainable) is received, a date is set and an information packet will be sent out 3 weeks prior to the surgery date. Included in this packet is a map of the area, attractions and hotels in the area and pre and post operative instructions.

Q: Is there a deposit required?
Yes. The date is confirmed only after a non-refundable deposit of $500.00 is received. This amount is deducted from the surgical fee. We accept only cashier's check or money order made to Dr. Dennis Streeter. No credit cards accepted or personal checks. Please do not send cash by mail.



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