Tattoo Removal and You


Erase Your Unwanted Tattoo 
With ink embedded deep into the skin, tattoos are designed to be permanent. However, Astanza laser tattoo removal technology provides patients with a solution to unwanted tattoos.

Professional laser tattoo removal with an Astanza laser is the most effective method of removing tattoos without scarring. There are a number of creams and injectables on the market that promise to fade tattoos, but these products are either ineffective or dangerous – some can actually lead to scarring.

Alternatively, Astanza laser tattoo removal is safe, effective, and versatile. Patients of all skin tones can be treated and virtually all tattoo colors can be effectively faded with our quality technology.


The Right Laser
There are many aesthetic lasers out there, but only a specific type can be used for tattoo removal. Lasers for hair removal, fat reduction, or vein removal have the wrong style of laser for treating tattoos. Only “Q-switched” lasers feature the advanced technology to safely remove tattoos.

When seeking treatment for laser tattoo removal, make sure that your practitioner uses a Q-switched Astanza laser. No other tattoo removal lasers offer the same degree of effectiveness and safety. Astanza technology allows for the removal of almost all tattoo ink colors with a minimum number of treatments. By removing the ink in your tattoo and minimizing the impact on your skin, laser tattoo removal with an Astanza laser can safely return your skin to its natural look.


The Procedure
Laser tattoo removal is a surprisingly quick and easy procedure. Most treatments take less than five minutes if the practitioner uses a high-speed laser such as the Astanza Duality or Astanza Revolution.

Most patients say that the sensation of tattoo removal is similar to that of getting the tattoo. Many quality practitioners provide a numbing solution, such as ice packs or a cold air machine, to minimize discomfort.  The side effects of laser tattoo removal are minor if aftercare instructions are properly followed, and skin is usually ready for another removal session in as little as six weeks.


Find an Expert Practitioner
Don’t be a cautionary tale. Only go to a laser practice that invests in quality Astanza tattoo removal technology.

All practitioners that buy a laser from Astanza have undergone an expert hands-on course with their device. Astanza laser practitioners have the training to determine the precise laser settings for effective, safe tattoo removal and to protect patient safety.


Virtually all tattoos can be removed to completion with an Astanza laser. Unless the tattoo has scarring from its application or contains unusual inks, it can be effectively treated with Astanza technology.


Regardless of the laser used for treatment, almost all tattoos require multiple treatments for complete removal. The speed of tattoo fading may vary from patient to patient, depending on the tattoo’s quality and the patient’s immune system. However, because of the unparalleled power of Astanza lasers, our lasers ensure the fastest tattoo fading possible.

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